Vintage show of cupcakes using our vintage gold framed rectangular and round mirrors.
We love the vintage lamp as a cake stand on our drum table. The antique large round mirror on top makes a striking display of the cupcakes on top.
Guest can help themselves by building their own trail mix at this lovely bar. There are even colored M&M's that match the bridesmaids dresses.
This was a back drop behind the bride and groom's chair.
We've found a few pics that represent ways to use our rental items. All of the items found here are items we have in stock. Because there are so many endless ways to use different pieces, we thought we'd showcase a few of them here. First up... LADDERS!
TOP: Dessert bar options.  BOTTOM LEFT: Candle lighting for evening outside or inside. BOTTOM RIGHT: Ceremony altar.
We also LOVE our ironing boards! Here are a few ideas on how to incorporate them in to your wedding.
Well this past week was apparently all about furniture....and even more specifically - tables! You never know when that's going to happen but when it does, you just go with it. :) We have some beautiful new pieces that we are incorporating into our rental inventory. We should have a few postings on these because we were only able to work on them just so fast. We look forward to unveiling the rest soon!
LOVE this old 8 x 10 swivel frame.
Great little all purpose brown table.
Antique table with unique top. 
White small table with really cute legs.
This gorgeous rattan loveseat has been redone with a special paint treatment and is awaiting the custom cushion.